For Sale: one set of eight (8) pistons.
Includes: 8 pistons, 8 connecting rods (likely the standard 5.7" length), rings (junk by now - light surface rust), bearings (unkown thickness, should probably be replaced).

Price: Make offer to

Location: Colorado Springs, CO USA

I would prefer local pickup but will ship to locations inside US and Canada.

These were given to me many years ago, and I don't even remember for sure what they are out of.  I'm guessing Chevy 350.  They measure up to 3.992" across the widest part of the skirt.

These are slightly used.  Again, I don't remember the details, but I'm thinking they were only used for about 1500 miles before the engine was dissassembled for no apparent reason.

I did a search on "L2304" and came up with this quote from a message board:
"Those are forged with .100 dome rated at 11 to 1 with I assume a 64cc head. Thats straight out of Federal Mogul catalog. I think those are the old LT1 replacement piston, they're spendy dont toss them."

The wear on the thrust side bearing:

No visible wear on the skirt:

Again, no visible wear on the skirt:

Obviously dirty, but nothing a proper cleaning wouldn't fix:

The connecting rods all have markings to help match the cap to the rod, but some are stamped with numbers and others are just dimpled as seen here:

The full set: