Spherical Bearing Replacement

The Toyota part number is: 42210-14010

There is now a cheaper alternative to the OEM part, the part number is: TAB-002Z,

The Toyota part looks like this:

The bearing is available at your dealer (they'll probably need to order it in) or http://www.toyotapart.com/ sells them for about $30USD each... four are required.

In preparation for the removal of the old bearings, spray Toyota Rust Penetrant
or your favorite penetrating oil on each of them a few days before attempting to remove them.

Select a socket that is just a little smaller in diameter than the bearing. Setup the puller and socket as seen in this photo:

Make sure the claws of the puller don't overlap the back side of the bearing or else you'll only be trying to compress the bearing and not pushing it out. Once the puller and socket are setup, apply some pressure to the arrangement so that it holds itself in place. Without the ratchet on the puller, give the end of the puller a few good whacks with a hammer to break the bearing loose and get it moving. The puller will probably fall off when the bearing moves a bit. At this point, squirt some more penetrating oil on the bearing and set the puller and socket back into position. The bearing should push out easily with the puller now.

Before putting the new bearing in, clean up any sharp edges that may be around the opening to the bore where the bearing resides. A half-round file and/or sand paper should work just fine. Clean the bore and apply a little anti-seize compound to it, and also to the new bearing. Select a socket one size larger than the one you used to push the old bearing out. Now you are ready to push the new bearing into position. Setup the puller, socket and bearing and push the new bearing into position.

Congratulations, one down and only three to go.